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Keys to Transformation
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In all the cities where the church has seen a significant transforming of the community, a number of factors are observed:

  • A New Paradigm of the Church
  • Urgent and Persistent Prayer
  • United Prayer
  • Informed Intercession
  • Humility and Compassion

Urgent and Persistent Prayer

  • When we get to a point of great need, and know that our efforts have failed and our prayer is fuelled by desperation for God to act, it seems that He is much more likely to answer.
  • Our right relationship with God is one of total dependence, but our affluent lives seldom bring us to the place of desperation for God. We have seen a beginning of this since September 11th

United Prayer

  • Christians recognising Jesus' call to unity are coming together to pray.
  • The prayer of individuals and separate congregations is of value, but the authority of the Church to pray God's blessing upon a whole community is released when we act in obedience to His call to be One.

Informed Intercession

  • The faith to pray is stirred by seeing God's faithfulness and power as He answers. General prayers of blessing upon a city may be of some value, but specific prayer for God to intervene in certain identified needs allows the answers to prayer to be seen. This is a challenge to faith (what if He doesn't answer?) but brings prayer and faith to bear on the real issues.
  • Researching a local community to discover the social, physical and spiritual needs and barriers and using this information for focused prayer has been a common factor in the communities that have seen transformation.
  • An example would be asking the local Mayor and council and the local police what issues they consider urgent problems in the community. Telling them that the Church will pray for God to intervene in these areas. Then going back a week or month later and asking what is happening in those areas.

Humility and Compassion

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and seek my face and pray and turn from their wicked ways, Then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land" 2 Chronicles 7:14

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