Melbourne Pastors Network

MPN is the major part of this movement, fostering unity across the Body of Christ to see ONE CHURCH IN OUR CITY with many Congregations

Believing that, as Jesus prayed, when His followers are in unity the world will know who He is.

MPN fosters networks of pastors in all 31 local municipalities of Melbourne, encouraging Churches and pastors to relate, pray and work in unity and to encourage the whole Church to pastor their whole local city together as One Body.

Major involvements

Melbourne Pastors Prayer Summit

The annual Prayer Summit is 4 days of days of prayer and worship with pastors from most denominations and areas seeking the face of the Lord. There is often a deep experience of the power of the Cross, bringing repentance, reconciliation and renewed personal passion and vision for ministry, and a sense of being diverse parts joined as One Body.

Multicultural Network

The Multicultural Network fosters intentional inclusion of people of all nationalities and cultures in the life of the local Church. The Network holds breakfasts every 2 months in Churches that tell how they are including people of different cultures.

Citywide Prayer Movement

Many thousands of Christians and churches are involved in the annual 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting - recognising our desperate need for God to renew the Church, and that this will only come as we humble ourselves in sustained united prayer. (This certainly was where the great revivals in Melbourne were birthed)

With Intercessors for Melbourne, networks of intercessors are being established in each local city. A gathering is held every 3 months at the top of the Rialto Building, Collins Street, to pray blessing over the City and its people.

Transforming Melbourne Website and E-Letter

The Website and regular E-Letters provide inspiration, news, prayer points and information about the movement, and stories of the Church in Melbourne and beyond.

A regular Major Christian Events Calendar for Melbourne is sent to all churches on email.

A Directory of Christian Ministry Organisations is updated and available on the website.

Other Networks

MPN has fostered networks in strategic areas of the Church to bring together Christians working in similar areas of ministry. eg Christian Business people, and leaders of denominational and other organisations working with Youth and Children.

Strategic Leaders Group

A regular think-tank considering the great issues facing the Church and how the Church can again become a missionary movement, more open and active to reach our desperate city.

Developing a vision for Melbourne to be a transformed city by 2023, and a vision and strategies for the Church God uses to bring this about.

Please contact us for more information on becoming a partner.

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