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Why Pray and Fast?

Only God Himself can bring the changes needed in our community. It must start with the Church. Scripture and history tell us it must start with us on our knees.

Our situation in the church
  • The impact and influence of the Church has become minimal
  • Most churches work on their own, with little support from others
  • Many are struggling just to survive
  • Most people in Melbourne don't know Jesus
  • Few churches are reaching those outside
But this can change
  • Pastors and Churches are starting to work and pray together
  • God is stirring new hope and faith
  • There is a new awareness of our great need for GOD to do it
  • Together we can reach our city with Jesus love
Why bother?
  • The Church is the only source of Hope for our city
  • God calls us to reach our city together
  • There is a new awareness of our great need for GOD to do it
  • HE will empower us as we come humbly to Him and repent
  • (2 Chron. 7:14)
Why fast?
  • We need to continue acting, but our effort alone has not worked
  • Scripture shows the people of God praying and fasting when they have been desperate for God to act
  • It shows God and us that we are serious about putting Him first
  • It makes us more focused on His call on our lives
  • The result has been He breaks in to advance His Kingdom
Why pray?
  • We all know we are to pray, but so many find it so hard to actually do it Let us decide to get serious and pray during the 40 days

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