Transforming Cities - An Introduction

God is doing it!

Around the world God is transforming cities. We continue to hear new stories of cities being significantly changed by God --- see Transformation stories link

In 1999 a powerful video "Transformations" was produced. It shows the wonderful story of 4 cities around the world where whole cities have been transformed by God as his people have come together in unity and prayer. What has happened is not just many people becoming Christians (though that has happened)

In each case there has been a transforming of the structures and character of the city and its communities. From situations of emptiness, rampant crime, loss of civil order and personal despair, the Spirit of God has brought a new atmosphere of hope and purpose. Crime and violence have declined, community life has flourished and the decay of morality and justice has been reversed.

Cali in Colombia, South America is one of the Cities shown on the video - see Transformation Videos

In 1995 Cali was the centre of the world's cocaine production. It was controlled by a number of drug cartels which controlled the city through their enormous wealth and brutality. Crime, corruption and fear were the main features of the city.

The pastors of the city started to come together to start relating and praying with one another, and the Church started to come into unity. In 1995 an all night prayer meeting in of thousands brought dramatic results. The power of evil was shaken. Within months the drug cartels were broken and murder became rare. As the Christians of Cali continued to pray and fast, many people turned to Christ. The civic authorities recognised what was happening and supported the Church. The city was transformed.

The other 3 cities (each story runs for 20 minutes) on this video are:

  • Almolonga, Guatemala, Central America
  • Hemet, California, USA
  • Kiambu, Kenya

The video was produced by George Otis Jr. and gives the results of his research into what led to these "transformations" What led to Transformation? He has discovered in each case the change has occurred through the commitment of God's people to relate in unity and to pray together for their city, and specifically to pray into the areas of physical, social and spiritual problems in their community. This involved on-going detailed research of the issues and on-going consistent prayer, observing the changes as they happened, and giving God the praise for the answered prayer. See his book "Informed intercession" (Renew Books) for these findings and how to apply them.

George Otis has continued research and now claims to have found at least 50 cities where there are clear signs of community transformation. In 2001 George Otis produced another video "Transformations II" which documents transformations of whole regions and even countries.

The region of Canada's Arctic North, where communities were decimated by domestic violence, alcoholism and suicide finding new life and hope as God's people came together in persistent, united prayer.

The nation of Uganda, long a place of appalling violence and evil, has become a shining example of the transforming and healing power of God. Thousands have come to faith in Jesus and community life restored. The government is now led by Christian leaders. There is a Minister for Integrity and Ethics. At a great rally to celebrate the Millenium, the President dedicated the nation to the Lordship of Jesus for 1000 years.

These powerful videos are available for $30 incl postage from Transforming Melbourne - see Transformation Videos

So why not Melbourne Victoria?

That is why we are gathering together in prayer! It will not happen because we would like it, but when we get desperate; when we acknowledge we can't do it, and cry out to God. "If my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and seek my face and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

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