Transforming Hemet, California, USA

Two Toowoomba pastors have visited Hemet this year, one before Easter and one after. We both report a city that is well on the way to community transformation. People are being saved each week in many of the churches and they report about 28% of the city saved and attending Bible believing churches. Several of the churches have had to rebuild to house the increase. Ten years ago they thought that there was less than 5% saved in the city.

They said there has been no revival just a steady increase. They report major breakthrough in their schooling system, their health system, the police dept and to some extent in the political sphere.

One of the pastors, Bob Beckett, has written a book, Commitment to Conquer, and this covers very well how the Lord has lead them.

Ian Shelton, Toowoomba who visited Hemet in Sept. 2001

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