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June 2000 - Prayers Up; Crime Drops - From: USApray @

In a dramatic letter to The Washington Post, Dan Wedderburn of the DC Human Rights Commission touted the District of Columbia's 45% drop in crime since 1993. The District has outstripped other major cities, including New York City and all DC metropolitan surrounding areas, in a record plunge of crime rates. Washington DC was known in the early 1990s as the "murder capital of the nation." In 1993, 454 persons were killed. In 1999, 232 homicides were committed. Rape has fallen 40%, aggravated assault and battery have fallen 60%, and burglaries declined almost 70%.

Wedderburn credits a good economy, low unemployment, fewer persons in the younger-age groups that account for a disproportionate share of crime, record high incarcerations and better policing policies. Incredibly, the District's police force was cut by over 20% in the same period.

Intercessors for America began a monthly "Washington Watch" prayer effort in late 1992. This developed into our weekly Prayer Focus on Washington, DC which is part of this "On Watch In Washington." A group of leaders also initiated a nationwide 24-hour US/DC Prayer Watch in late 1997.

A new 24-hour Prayer and Worship watch is also being maintained by local churches in the Metro, DC area. While we realize that many more Christians than ever before are praying for our nation's capital, let us humbly offer thanksgiving for the contribution which IFA "partners in prayer" (many of you!) have made over these years. Let us pray that the crescendo of prayer in our nation's capital increases even more!

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