The project is unique and nothing like this has ever been done in Melbourne. It is valuable in that it provides information and inspiration for Greater Melbourne, each of the 31 Local Government Areas, as well as the whole Body of Christ.

The Uniqueness And Value Of This Project To the Church is as follows:

• It is the first ever research of the Whole Body of Christ in Melbourne
• It includes information from the 2006 National Church Life Survey, with data from most denominations being put together for the first time.
• It includes detailed surveys of non-NCLS churches, independent and ethnic churches, as well as emerging and house churches,
• It will give the number, distribution and "health" of churches in Melbourne including digital maps
• Church data will be overlaid with demographics from the 2006 National Census
• It will show the areas in Melbourne with no churches, or minimal Christian presence or ministry
• It will reveal the unique level of support for communities provided by local churches
• It will list churches/ denominations active in planting churches and where new churches are being planted
• It will show the nationalities and locations of ethnic churches in relation to ethnic populations
• It will identify nature, size and distribution of major un-reached people groups in Melbourne
• It will include a major Directory of Christian ministries, organisations and networks(see below)
• Reports will give this picture for Greater Melbourne AND for each of the 31 local government areas. 

• A major resource for the whole Church in its mission to our whole City
• An invaluable document for any part of the Church considering effective outreach
• An inspiring statement of the wonder and riches of the Body of Christ in Melbourne
• Valued by: Denominations, Citywide Ministries, Congregations and Church Networks in Local Communities, Bible Colleges and Libraries, Social Welfare Organisations, Municipal Councils and  other community groups as a reference for the next 5 years and beyond


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