The City and Nation will Change Dramatically in the Next 5 Years? 

The Christian Faith is the Founcation and Hope of our Society.

Crises NOW in our city and nation include the effect of broken families, binge drinking, homelessnesses, increase of poverty in Australia, gambling losses, suicide, potential collapse of health services, water shortage, rise in fuel, food prices and other effects of global warming, road congestion, "peak oil" situation, secularism, consumerism and the loss of morality and potential of terrorism etc.

Who will decide the Future of Melbourne? Will the Church Claim the Future? Or continue as it is?

The Effect of Broken Families  (Ave marriage lasts 8.8yrs)
60,000 Australian children affected by abuse and neglect  (Fed. Gov. report 25/5/08)
10,000 children & youth (10-14 yrs) arrested for violence, rape & shoplifting (blamed on the web)
Domestic violence BY children against parents 23% increase in Victoria from 2002 to 2006.
Sexualising of children and youth leading to broken relationships, loss of morality and trust
Broken relationships- Loneliness - Major increase in single occupancy housing
By 2030 48% households expected to be Single person occupancy  ("Melbourne 2030" Report)

Binge Drinking 
33% 18 to 24 yrs classify themselves as binge drinkers (37% of young women)
Forty-one per cent have passed out at least once through excessive drinking, 25% do so regularly
Assaults in Melbourne CBD increased by 17.5% in 2007 - mainly the result of excessive drinking.
Alcohol poisoning kills 10 Australians/ day. Estimated economic impact of alcohol abuse is $7.6 billion pa.

Homelessness:  100,000 homeless in Australia –incl. increasing divorced mature age working men
Critical shortage of rental accommodation (increasing because of mortgage default, property speculation)

Increase of Poverty in Australia
Interest rate increases,  and the highest level of personal debt in the world
Housing and rental costs, major increase in Petrol prices leading to food price increases
Global warming leading to major increase in power costs

Gambling Losses in Vic. In last 6mths was a record of more than $1.3-billion on poker machines (a $55 million jump). In 2004-05 Australians overall gambled $142 billion – much of this is stolen money.  One bank manager in WA stole and gambled $19 million from his own branch over 4 years

Suicide: 2,683 people took their own lives in Australia during 1998, an average of seven suicides a day. (For every completed suicide over 30 attempts, ie 210 people a day attempting suicide)
45% increase in young girls self-harming in 10 years

Impact on Business: Decline in morality, honesty, integrity at work
Shoplifting cost Australian retailers $4 billion a year

Potential Collapse of health services: 52% obese, 100,000 new cases of Diabetes pa nationally, Aging
    population,  3,000,000 have arthritis,  50,000 have osteoporosis in Aust., Effects of smoking, drinking, etc
Water shortage, rise in fuel, food prices and other effects of global warming
Road congestion and public transport overload (extra 1.1 million  cars by 2030 - up by 30%)
Outer urban developments: Little social support / Loneliness/ cost of commuting/ lack of transport
“Peak oil” situation - Potential decline/ end of oil supplies
Secularism, consumerism and the loss of morality
Potential of terrorism

Increasing pressure from Multiculturalism : All faiths (incl witchcraft) accepted as equal to Christianity
Intentional claiming of influence by Islam, secular humanism and homosexual lobby

Population of Melbourne increasing 100,000 a year – accentuating current crises

God through the Body of Christ holds the key to the future of the City & Nation. Only a spiritual awakening across our city will transform these trends.

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